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Ear Wax Camera Cleaner

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2022 Eardrum-Protective Ear Wax Camera Can Save You From That And More:

1. It will save you massive expenses & time from visiting your doctor frequently for ear cleaning purpose.

2. Risk-free from hurting/damaging your ears compared to traditional metal ear picks .

3. Inspect your kids/pets/family members' ears for infections anytime with our professional ear cleaning camera.

    4. Lock-In design ear spoons for 100% safe easy use.

    5. Protect your eardrums throughout the whole ear cleaning process.

    6. Blue light sterilizing function to avoid infections with easy cleaning process.

      Eardrum protection earwax removal tool


      1. Scan the QR CODE in the user manual or search ENDSCOPE TOOL in App store/Google play to download the App.

      2. Get the ear cleaning camera ready for connection while the App is being installed on your smartphone/iPad.

      3. After the installation completed, open the WIFI connection of your device to search SOFTISH-XXX to connect.

      4. Open the App to click START to proceed step by step, activate the VIDEO/PICTURE RECORDING functions.

      5. Lastly, turn on the EARDRUM ALERT FUNCTION SWITCH after seeing the eardrum warning pops up.

      You can also refer to the SETUP GUIDELINES if you need further assistance.

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      360° wide angle & 1080p FHD video image ear wax camera creates a large coverage view under magnification to help you remove the earwax/hair easily deep down from ear canals.

      eardrum protective

      Safe to use & multifunctional ear camera with eardrum-protective warning function. 100% safe ear canal camera for families, kids and pets whenever needed to inspect ears, nose, mouth, and throats.

      A warning pops up on the screen in flashes when the tip of the silicone ear spoon tip is almost in touch with eardrum.

      Waterproof & easy use

      USB rechargeable ear cleaner with camera of IP67 waterproof grade, easy cleaning to rinse under running water or wipe with alcohol.

      Built-in 250mAH rechargeable battery taking 30 minutes for a full charge that lasts for 70 minutes continuous use.

      Android & IOS both

      Broad compatiblity ear camera for iphone works with both Android and IOS system devices. Download the app (Included in the manual) for easy set up to use.

      Videos and images taken in inspecting/cleaning process can be stored in your devices to share with family members and doctors when necessary.


      More than an ear cleaning camera as it’s also a great remedy kit for nose, throat problems for families and pets, saving you enormous time/costs in case any ermergencies/accident/health/safety issues occur.

      Convenient USE ANYTIME

      Clean your ear canals periodically to avoid earwax graduall build-up to result in itchiness and dryness.

      Remember to charge the ear camera for 30 minutes if you plan to operate an ear cleaning process after shower.

      Model No: Y12
      Pixel: 1080P
      Weight: 16 grams
      Time to use: 70 minutes/time
      Full charge: 30 minutes

      LED piece: 6*LED
      Length: 142.5mm
      Diameter: 13mm
      Camera diameter: 3.9mm
      Best focal length: 15-20mm

      Image transmission velocity: 20fps
      Image sensor: CMOS
      Network standard: IEE80211b/g/n

      Working frequency: 2.4GHz
      Input current: DC5V 300mA
      Working temperature: -10~40℃
      Battery: 230mAh

      1x Ear wax removal kit
      1x USB charging cable
      1x User manual

      Size: 164*68*18mm
      Weight: 56g

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 15 reviews
      Sam L
      I removed a jelly-bean sized lump of earwax from my ear!!!

      "I can't believe I had so much disgusting earwax in my ear and didn't even know it! I've been noticing my IEMs have been getting greasy and slipping out lately so I got this otoscope to see what was in my ear drums. to my surprise on my right ear everything was fine and I could see my own eardrum (weird), but on my left there was so much earwax clogged in there I couldn't even see the ear drum!! Yuck!!

      I have an elephant bottle which is designed to clear out ear wax so I used that instead of the tiny spoon scooper on this unit and it worked great. My ears are now clear and once they dry I'll see how my IEMs sound!!

      Also i included the QR code for the viewer app. It's super easy - just connect via wifi and open the app. Then you can see all your earwax in full hd glory. YUCK! BUT WORTH IT!!"

      Paul Twain
      Ear picking is so easy!

      With this I can see inside my ear very clearly! Connecting to my phone was very easy and it is actually fun to remove earwax! It comes with different tips and they are very sturdy. Also includes different tools for ear cleaning.


      I'm always cleaning my ears by swirling cotton swabs in them. Between having long hair, and wearing a cpap breathing machine at night my ears get blocked and tend to build up ear wax. I thought I'd try this and im so glad I did! Now I can navigate my war itch and see what the issue is. Trick is go slowly and rotate the camera scoop to get what doesn't belong. I might also add I often see my drs whom look in ears and say looks good...even when I complain that it itches. Now I can take care of the wax myself! Must buy!


      Finally got this damn hair off my ear drum. Didnt hurt! You need a steady hand for sure though! Make sure nobody is hyper around you such as children so they dont bump into you where youd hurt yourself. Also helped get wax out. Works perfect!

      Victoria J.
      Good gadget to have at home

      I got this so I can check my kid's ears when they're sick. It did not disappoint. It does take a little getting used to for coordination, but honestly it's very easy to use. Photo and video quality are better than I expected.

      For the app so you can see everything you're doing, you do have to connect the device via WiFi, so that is something to remember when using it.

      Harold lovelady
      Didnt think I needed dont still but nice

      Bought it because I needed to see if I was sick or clogged ears. It was easy to use and scrape out some wax. Even has a thing to tell you when youre near the ear drum. Not the best to clean out your ears overall, BUT is good for occasionally cleaning or if you are worried.

      This might not be the most effective way to remove earwax

      It was easy to set up and the camera works well but not sure yet if this is the best device to extract wax from ears

      J. Eli
      Surprisingly good!

      First of all glad I bought the product. Very high quality product, original, easy to use, great quality camera and simple application. Besides ... it arrived relatively quickly and wrapped in a protected form.

      Jacob Cummins
      Works Perfect

      Works perfect. Be sure to read instructions though to set it up. Very good quality video.

      Very convinient!!

      The ear stick is very convenient, the video picture is clear, the ear-picking artifact, self-help ear picking, very simple, not afraid of ear pain, recommended for purchase, clear image, simple operation

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